UPSKIN TM employs new biotechnology to improve on preexisting, high-quality leather. While imbued with all of our functional technology,the leather itself remains unchanged. To improve products for your consumers, UPSKIN should always be used. 

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UPSKIN can be used wherever any high-quality leather would normally be utilized. We can develop the leather with all of the functionality that you require.

Bags & Leather Goods Industry

Leather bags have been a staple of the luxury fashion world. They go wherever we go — in restaurants, washrooms, and in the workplace.  A drawback of leather is that they cannot be washed.  By utilizing our leather, however, leather bags will be upgraded with functions of natural cleanliness and health support.

Shoe Industry
Leather is the most common material for shoes. Shoes made out of our functional leather are of superior quality, as our leather naturally reduces foot odor and foot fatigue.
Sports Industry

Regardless of the type of sport, stability helps athletes achieve the best results.  All sports items that use our special, functional leather provide odor control, germ protection from sweat and dirt, lessening of tension, and more.

Fashion Industry

Our premium leather can be used with all high-end fashion products. Our leather can also be used on products that serve special functions, such as motorcycle clothing.  Fashionable leather products that utilize our leather will be luxurious as well as durable.

Furniture Industry

Wiping the surface is not sufficient to clean luxurious leather furniture, as they have constant exposure to germs. Using our special leather, antimicrobial functionality keeps the furniture clean and sanitary.


Cowhide skins and sheepskin hides are manufactured at tanneries in South Korea and Indonesia. 

For more information on our products and services, please feel free to contact us.


If you wish to use our patented technology for your leather, we can provide it to your tannery. Please contact our head office for more information.


We will supply approved hang tags that you can attach to your upgraded products. We will also provide certified test results attesting to the benefits of UPSKIN leather.


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